Client Reviews

"When medical staff told us our son Noah would never be toilet trained and some educators had given up on Noah, believing he would never be able to pull up his own pants, or be teachable...well then we found Crossroads Center for Children. That was five years ago and now Noah is nearly independent in dressing and toileting and so much more. Hope is priceless and what others took away from us in an already devastating situation, Crossroads Center for Children teachers and administrators gave back two-fold. We can not say enough in thanks and appreciation. When you only have two choices-Hope and Desperation- you want the support from those who foster Hope. Thank you Crossroads!"

- The Thompson Family

Wrap Around Daycare

Wrap around daycare is available from 7:00-9:00 and 2:30-5:30 each day that program is in session. This service is available on an as needed basis. For more information regarding the parental fees for this, please contact the program.

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Our Preschool Program

Crossroads Center for Children offers five integrated preschool classrooms that operate five and one-half hours each day, Monday through Friday. Children are placed in classrooms based on their individual strengths and needs.

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