Our Mission

To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community.

Our Philosophy

Crossroads Center for Children utilizes interventions from the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a branch of psychology and education with a foundation based on scientific analysis of human behavior and learning.

Our Vision

Every student we serve will achieve a full and productive life.

Core Values

  1. Crossroads believes in the dignity and value of all students.

  2. Crossroads believes in each student's right to receive the most appropriate and effective education available.

  3. Crossroads believes the most positive outcome for our students comes from the implementation of research and data-based teaching strategies.

  4. Crossroads believes in the team approach to educate our students, and that parents, students, teachers, school administration and community members are equally important to achieve positive student outcomes.

Wrap Around Daycare

Wrap around daycare is available from 7:00-9:00 and 2:30-5:30 each day that program is in session. This service is available on an as needed basis. For more information regarding the parental fees for this, please contact the program.

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Our Preschool Program

Crossroads Center for Children offers five integrated preschool classrooms that operate five and one-half hours each day, Monday through Friday. Children are placed in classrooms based on their individual strengths and needs.

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    Contact Information

Crossroads Center for Children
1136 North Westcott Rd.
Suite 100
Schenectady, NY 12306

Phone: (518) 280-0083
Email: info@crossroadcenter.org