Services Offered

Crossroads Center for Children serves children from their age at diagnosis as a child with a disability up to three years of age. Crossroads offers center-based programming, home-based programming, or a combination determined by what is the best fit for each child and family. All of the programs are unique and designed to meet each child's specific needs. There is a classroom at the school dedicated to establishing learning readiness and social skills, while benefiting from peer models. A home program would also focus on these skills in the child's natural environment.

Parents are encouraged to observe their child while working with teachers and therapists. Parent training is an important part of each child's programming. Parents can watch their child participate in special education sessions, related services sessions as well as daily classroom activities. At the same time teachers and/or therapists will provide parents with the skills necessary to implement programs. This carryover promotes the generalization of skills.

In addition, for families who chose to supplement an approved program, or for families of children who do not qualify for Early Intervention services, Crossroads Center for Children is able to provide a private program through a consultation model. These services can be designed to meet the individual needs of the student and their family.

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Children who demonstrate developmental delays in their fine motor skills, adaptive development, or sensory processing abilities may benefit from occupational therapy services.         

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Speech & Language Therapy

The primary focus of speech therapy for most students is language development and pragmatics (social language). Skills taught in therapy depend on the development of the child and their particular needs.    

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