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Applications and resumes are accepted on an ongoing basis. If you interested in employment, and would like to submit your resume to be kept on file, please email us a copy.

Crossroads is looking for part-time Special Education Teachers (must be certified to work with preschool students) to work with students in their homes or daycare settings. Flexible hours/schedule. Email if interested!

Daycare staff to work before school and/or afterschool care. Part time.

Teaching Assistants. Part time. Follows school calendar. School-age classroom.

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Children who demonstrate developmental delays in their fine motor skills, adaptive development, or sensory processing abilities may benefit from occupational therapy services.         

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Speech & Language Therapy

The primary focus of speech therapy for most students is language development and pragmatics (social language). Skills taught in therapy depend on the development of the child and their particular needs.    

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